Metal Detectors

Our Metal Detectors are availed by various clients across the nation, especially the high security zone organizations. These help in checking persons head to toe with their clothes on for any kind of metal belongings. The 21st century has seen the increasing need for security and in this case security equipment like metal detectors are extremely helpful in protecting many important places. We have a wide range to offer our clients, maintaining a cost effective manner.


We offer :-

  • Door Frame Metal Detectors
  • Hand Held Metal Detectors

The broad spectrum of our products are as follows :-


Door Frame Metal Detectors

Door Frame Metal Detectors

  • Fixed Model (Single Zone)
  • Construction : Laminated Ply Board
  • Dimension : 2150mm*820mm
  • Weight (Apporx.) : 45 Kgs
  • Std. use : Indoors
  • Power : 220V AC mains

Multizone Door Frame Metal Detectors

  • Six Zone
  • Electric current : 220V Power.
  • Outer Frame : 2200mm (h)*700mm (w)*540mm (d)
  • Inner Frame : 2000mm (h)*700mm (w)*540mm (d)
  • Net Weight : 80 kg
  • Work environment : 5°C-60°C, <95% RH

Hand Held Metal Detectors

Super Scanner Metal Detectors

  • A. 38 caliber hand gun will be detected at 7.75" on low sensitivity
  • A Pen knife will be detected at 4" on low sensitivity and 6 inches
  • A razor blade will be detected at 2" on low sensitivity and 4 "
  • Heavy duty construction case is 50% thicker
  • Soft material convenient for operation.
  • Easier switching between high or low sensitivity modes

Metal Detectors / Baggage Scanners

  • Fully Auto Setting
  • Audio and Visual Alarm Indicator
  • Detect all ferrous and Non-Ferrous metal and their alloys
  • Chip Technology
  • Fully reliable and dependable unit
  • Low Battery indicators

Hand Held Metal Detectors - Model Garrett

  • Tuning : Automatic
  • LED Alert light Green : Power ON
  • Amber : Battery LOW
  • Red : Alarm condition
  • Humidity : To 95% non-condensing
  • Operating Frequency : 93 kHz

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